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    Governor Opens Java Preanger Coffee Festival


    BANDUNG-Governor of West Java in Trans Studio Mall officially open the festival Java Preanger Coffee, Friday (28/10). The opening of the coffee festival is marked by affixing a thumbprint of Governor at painting depicting the West Java coffee.

    Governor in his speech, hoped that coffee producers who are also a coffee connoisseur use and cultivate coffee of West Java. It so because, the best coffee in the world is the coffee that comes from Indonesia (West Java), said the Governor.

    From the 20 types of coffee in the world, the best 6 of which came from Indonesia. Best 1,2,3 came from Indonesia (Java), added the Governor.

    Governor further, that coffee has various advantages to prevent disease. The researchers were asked to conduct research on coffee in a sense, taste, to find a new advantages, he added.

    Governor requested that the farmers when they are having a good product, that can be consumed by theirselves, and the rest of it can be sold or exported. I invite the people of West Java to make a product from farmers as cultural goods / agriculture, as well as coffee products.

    In the case of coffee dispensing, the governor advocated to study how to mix a good coffee, then exhibited, and which one would be best. Do not drink coffee which is cut. "Original coffee is brewed coffee, not by cutting," said the Governor.

    Meanwhile, Trade and Industry Department of West Java Hening Widiatmoko in his report said that the purpose of the festival is to remind and relive, that West Java coffee is the best coffee and West Java coffee become a winner of Coffee Festival in Atlanta. In addition, the festival is also to foster creative industry passion in coffee so it has competitiveness, added Hening Widiatmoko.

    During the event of coffee festival also held West Java coffee promotion, Coffee competition Photography contest. All activities take place from 28 to 30 October 2016 in Trans Studio Mall Bandung.

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