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    Vice Governor: Run Drainage Masterplane 2014


    BANDUNG-Vice Governor of West Java Deddy Mizwar stated, actually on 2014  it already made a drainage masterplane of Bandung Raya by Cipta Karya. The Masterplane is designed Bandung Raya drainage in order to accommodate rainwater flow and rivers. Only, it has not had time to be implemented until now.

    "Therefore, next year we will try to implement together West Java provincial government and district or city in Bandung Raya "he said, in Bandung (28/10).

    According to the Vice Governor drainage problems in the city of Bandung is not only the responsibility of Bandung city administration, but also an issue in the surrounding area. Therefore the solution itself should also involve the upstream to downstream.

    "The river flow passing through Bandung City, the upstream in the West of  Bandung and the downstream in Bandung regency. So the problem of upstream and downstream must also equally addressed, not sectoral in Bandung," explained Demiz.

    It was revealed by Demiz in responding the Cileuncang flooding problem in Pasteur and Pagarsih some time ago that until the casualties. (Even)

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