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    Abas Basari Officially Becomes Tasks Executor of Tasikmalaya Mayor


    BANDUNG-West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan (Aher) led the inauguration tasks executor of Tasikmalaya Mayor, in the East Hall Gedung Sate Bandung (10/26/2016). Ministry of the Internal Affairs appointed the Head of General Government Bureau of West Java Provincial Secretariat Abas Basari, as executor task (Plt) Tasikmalaya Mayor Budi Budiman and Vice Mayor Tasikmalaya Dede SUdrajat forward in simultaneous elections of Tasikmalaya 2017.

    Abas Basari will hold the task of regional leaders during the unpaid leave because of undergoing the campaign period began October 28, 2016 until February 11 2017 next.

    The inauguration was conducted in accordance with the letter of the Minister of the Internal Affairs No. 130/8252 / OTDA dated October 24, 2016, on Inauguration Executive Tasks Regent / Mayor and handover of the introductory notes tasks, which mandates that uniformity in the framework of the procedures Submission Decision Minister of the Internal Affairs on Appointment of Acting Regent / Mayor, Acting inauguration of the Regent / Mayor and Handover Introduction The task Memorandum carried out in the Capital before the campaign period.

    This was reaffirmed by mail the Internal Affairs Minister No. 131.32 / 8287 / OTDA dated October 25, 2016, along with the publication Minister of Internal Affairs Decree No. 131.32-9985 2016, on Appointment Acting Mayor Tasikmalaya.

    "As we know, in the province of West Java, there are three areas simultaneously year contest of the elections in 2017, the city of Tasikmalaya, Cimahi and Bekasi Regency. Of the three areas, for Cimahi and Bekasi Regency was not appointed Acting Head of the Region, as in these two regions only Cimahi Mayor and Regent of Bekasi run again in elections. Thus, according to the provisions Article 65 Paragraph (4) and Article 66 paragraph (1) letter c of Law Number 9 Year 2015, when the Regional Head temporarily absent or in this case unpaid leave Outside Dependents State during Campaign Period, the ViceRegional Head does duties and authority of the region head, "said Governor Ahmad Heryawan.

    Unlike the case with the City of Tasikmalaya, because the Mayor and Vice Mayor run again in the same area, then in corresponding with the provisions of Law No. 9 of 2015, Law No. 10 2016, Internal Affairs Minister Regulation No. 74 Year 2016, as well as KPU Regulation No. 9 and No. 12 of 2016, the Mayor and Vice Mayor of Tasikmalaya compulsory unpaid leave dependent the country during the campaign period.

    Therefore, according to the filing the leave from the Mayor and Vice Mayor of Tasikmalaya, Mayor of Cimahi and regent of Bekasi, West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan, on behalf of the Minister of the Internal Affairs, published in the leave dependents outside the State for the Mayor and Vice Mayor of Tasikmalaya, Cimahi Mayor and Bekasi Regent, respectively on October 13 2016.

    "This is in accordance with the provisions of Article 3 paragraph (2) Regulation No. 74 2016, which is seven working days prior to the date of the pairs of candidates October 24, 2016, "says Aher.

    Furthermore, to fill the vacancy for Tasikmalaya Mayor during Campaign period, in accordance with the mandate of Article 4 Paragraph (1) and Paragraph (3), Article 5 Paragraph (2), and Article 6 Paragraph (1) Ministry of Internal Affairs Regulation No. 74 Year 2016, has adopted a mechanism for nomination of candidate Tasikmalaya Mayor task executor from the Governor to the Minister of the Internal Affairs on the 12th October 2016. From there, the Minister of the Internal Affairs on Appointment Task Executor of Tasikmalaya Mayor has been handed over today, or exactly two days prior to start campaign. "Thus, it will not be vacancy for Mayor, thus ensuring the sustainability of the regional administration in Tasikmalaya.

    "In accordance with Stages, Program and Implementation Schedule of Election Year 2017 contained in Commission Regulation No. 7 of 2016, the Minister of Internal Affairs set the task of implementing the tenure of Tasikmalaya mayor dated October 28, 2016 until February 11, 2017. Along with that, I advised the task executor of Mayor in order to carry out its duties and authority as well as possible, "said Aher.

    It is stipulated in Article 9 of Regulation No. 74 Year 2016, namely: a) Leads the implementation of Government Affairs being the local authorities under the provisions of the legislation, and policy set with DPRD; b) Maintaining peace and public order; c) To facilitate the implementation of definitive Mayor and Vice Mayor Tasikmalaya election, and maintain neutrality of Government employees; d) Sign the Regional Regulation on budget and Regional Regulation on the Organization of the Region, after receiving written approval from the Minister; and e) charging and replacement of officials by the regional legislation, after receiving written approval from the Minister.

    After tours of duty ended, task executor then be asked to submit the report of the tasks implementation results to the Internal Affairs Minister through Governors, which includes: a) security and order conditions of society during the election campaign; b) Civil Servants neutrality Overview at the time of the election campaign; c) Steps of strategic policy conducted by task executor of Tasikmalaya Mayor; d) The implementation conditions of the regional administration at the time when incumbent implement leave out dependant the State.

    "To the incumbents, I also reminded to comply with provisions on state unpaid leave during the campaigns period, particularly a ban on using state facilities associated with job position, as well as a ban on using the authority, programs, and activities associated with their position, which is beneficial or detrimental another couples candidate, "said Aher.

    "Further to the entire Simoultaneous Election Pairs Candidate Year 2017, namely three pairs candidate in Tasikmalaya, three pairs candidate of Cimahi, and five pairs candidate in Bekasi, I advised to realize together smooth, safe, peaceful and democratic election, " his message.

    In addition, Aher also appealed to the ranks of civil servants, military, police, and elections organizer elements (Supervisory Commission and City / Regency KPU), for together to maintain neutrality and professionalism in performing their duties respectively, so it is expected that the success of the Unison elections 2015 at 8 (eight) Regencies / Cities in West Java, can re-engraved in Simultaneous local elections Year 2017.

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