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    The Spirit of Renewal, West Java Develops Public Service Innovation


    BANDUNG-complexity and demands of society to the presence of government that requires the government, including local government, do various governance reform and development. so that the function of service, setting, development, and empowerment by the government will be perceived by the public.

    West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan (Aher) said, the spirit of renewal and governance innovation must also be a commitment of Provincial Government of West Java as well be one of the efforts in accelerating the achievement of long-term West Java vision development vision, namely "With Faith and Piety, West Java Province powerhouse in Indonesia "(RPJPD 2005-2025).

    "Praise to God, a range of local governance innovation which we have done since 2008 until this year have earned appreciation of the various parties has been achieved as indicated by 214 awards both nationally and internationally, "stated Governor Aher at the National Public Service Innovation Replication Forum Year 2016, with the Minister of Administrative Reform and Bureaucratic Reform Republic of Indonesia (PANRB), Asman Abnur, in Bale Asri PUSDAI West Java, Diponegoro Street No. 63 - Bandung, Wednesday (26/10).

    The amount of appreciation for public service innovation launched by West Java Provincial Government include:

    - In 2014, the top nine award of public service to management control of poverty through programs KM Zero Pro Poor West Java innovation (Top 9 national public service);

    - 2015: top 99 innovation awards of public service on innovation:
       - Plasma Core System in Patin Seeds Area, Subang Regency; and
       - Management of staffing "Underserved Employee On Line".

    - 2016, Top 99 National SINOVIK 2016 on innovation "New Faces Public Services in Library, West Java (Integrated Library Management System) ".

    - The pilot project for the prevention of corruption in 17 provinces in Indonesia by KPK the innovation of public services carried out by the Local Government West Java Province, covering; 1) Sector revenue: est Java innovation e-Samsat easy way to pay taxes; 2) Sector Employee Benefit: management of employee income allowance innovation system (TPP); 3) Sector permissions: West Java One innovation Definitely access Sympathetic.

    Further to compete in the 2017 proposals are accommodated as much as 79 innovation proposals of the Local Government of West Java province and regency / city government.

    Governor Aher also determined that other innovations continued to be created. related with the provincial government's role as implementation coordinator and facilitator of regional autonomy in Regency / City, Aher admitted his side will continue to encourage local governments 27 regencies / cities in West Java to deliver a variety of innovative services in governance and development their respective regions.

    "Innovation is what we do and our encouragement to the District / City government to innovate, have received appreciation from government, one of them an appreciation of the Ministry of  Technology Research and Higher Education in the form of the First Prize of Science and Technology Award 2016 Award Provincial categories and Anugerah Budhipura Level I on Innovation Strengthening Developing by the Provincial Government to District and City Government, "he said.

    "Not only directed to District / City government, West Java Province also seeks to foster the strengthening of local actors (Strengthening Local Actor), such as the people, both individually and as a group of development in West Java. The effort is one of them through Anugerah Innovation, Initiative, and Pioneer Community Empowerment in West Java, held every year on an ongoing basis, "Resolve Aher.

    Various efforts of innovation governance and development in West Java are implementation steps of regional development undertaken within the framework of facilitating, heaved, and leading and gave many examples (good practices) in the frame of the basic framework of development. So it is expected that the government, provincial government, district / city government, and the overall community of West Java have commitment and passion in an effort to realize the ideals of regional development in the form of regional progress and prosperity of West Java community.

    Meanwhile, Minister of Administrative Reform and Reform state (PANRB) Asman Abnur said the toughest challenges in the public service is not only create new innovations, but also the ability of government agencies replicate an innovation.

    PANRB minister added, innovation replication can help local governments in answering the problems of the region effectively and efficiently, creating good governance, and qualified public services.

    "Today has been a lot of new innovations successfully created, and almost all innovation that is related to the speed, refinement, and also with good information technology system. However, not all of the innovation can be applied well in other places, "said Asman Abnur.

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