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    Prison Talent 2016, Inmates Buried Digging Talent Event


    BANDUNG-Women's Correctional Institution (LPP) Class IIA Bandung held Prison Talent 2016 event which attended by hundreds of residents Patronage Corrections (WBP) women from 10 UPT Penitentiary in West Java.

    Talent show was inaugurated by the Vice Governor of Java West, Deddy Mizwar, on the inside field of LPP Class IIA, Arcamanik City of Bandung, Wednesday (26/10). In the event, as many as 17 art creations displayed by the female prisoners.

    Vice Governor Mizwar Deddy said, as well as the entertainment media for maintaining the psychological condition of inmates, this activity can also provide space for the expression of their talents and interests.

    "If there is good acting here she will be taken to act in movies if she is already out, "said Vice Governor who was greeted by the applause of the assisted citizens. He also received a painting by of one of the WBP women.

    In addition to unearth hidden talents in the prison environment, according to Vice Governor, this event was also to give appreciation for each work of prison inmates during inhabit. By doing so, he hopes it will be awaken the confidence of the inmates and encouraged their motivation to continue to develop their talents as a preparation for work when back to the community.

    "I congratulate to show each skill and share the joy with other Patronage Residents, "said the Vice Governor.

    In the same place, Head of the Women's Prison Class IIA Bandung, Suprobowati express, aim of the event is to promote prisoners' creativity  to continue working despite being behind the iron bars wall.

    "For a moment out later can be beneficial to themselves, family, and community. Conditions in prisons will be more conducive with this event, "he said. The concept of rehabilitation and social reintegration according to him, aim to intend that the inmate no longer willing to commit criminal.

    Prison Talent 2016 is one of a series of Karyadhika Dharma Day 2016 Commemoration. Earlier it was held a series of events, among others, Bulan Bhakti Pelayanan and Law Enforcement, Sports and Arts, Social Services, and Jamboree Humanity in the District of Garut. All of these activities involve prisoners from across of Prison in Java and Sumatra.

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