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    Replication, Toughest Challenges in Public Service Innovation


    BANDUNG-Minister of State Administrative Empowerment and Bureaucracy Reform (PANRB) Asman Abnur said the toughest challenges in the public service is not only create new innovations, but also the ability of government agencies replicate an innovation.

    Today has been a lot of new innovations successfully created, and almost all innovation that is related to the speed, refinement, and also with good information technology system. However, not all of The innovation can be applied properly elsewhere.

    "Innovation replication can help local governments respond problems of the region effectively and efficiently, creating good governance, and good quality public services, "he said during the opening of national public services innovation replication forum in Bandung, Wednesday (26/10).

    Replication forum which is lasted two days, Wednesday - Thursday (26 -27) in October 2016 is an event for acceleration of public service quality improvement. This forum brought together a number of innovators who never got award from the Ministry of PANRB with the heads of regions in order to be quick to adopt the innovations that have been successful and needed in giving service to the community.

    As many as 42 innovators from various institutions and regions were present to present its innovation program. Not to forget, the innovation of National Police also shines in this event. A total of 11 Regents and 18 major, confirmed present in this event. In addition, there are vice-regent and vice mayor were also present. Even the Governor of South Sulawesi presents to show his innovations.

    Indonesia replication forum also enlivened with a degree of innovation, coach clinic, consultation. "This event is also followed by the signing Memorandum of Understanding between innovators with a number of regional heads who are ready to replicate, "said Asman. Vice Public Services Diah Natalisa on the occasion said, as many as 59 regions signed a MoU. "There is regional heads come immediately, also there is the regional secretary, "he said.

    In the forum of replication services also do a book launch Top 35 Innovation of public service 2016, the launch of the Public Service Information System (SIPP). This application is provided so that people can find out information about the type of service, standards service, responsible parties, and be a means of evaluating the implementation of public services for the ministries / agencies and local government.jo

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