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    Indonesian Innovators Exhibits Innovation Results


    BANDUNG-A total of 42 innovators from various regions in Indonesia comes to Pusdai Bandung to showcase their innovations in the National Public Service Innovation Replication Forum event, organized by Ministry of Administrative Reform and Bureaucratic Reform (PANRB) in collaboration with the Government of West Java Province, and the City Government of Bandung.

    This forum is an opportunity to accelerate quality improvement of public services in Indonesia. In it, the forum brought together between a number of innovators who never received an award from the Ministry of PANRB with heads of other areas in order to rapidly replicate the innovations that have been successful and necessary in providing services to the public.

    "There are 42 innovators in the event, which was divided into 10 clusters, "said the minister Asman Abnur

    At the opening ceremony of the event, Minister of PANRB, Asman Abnur also launch 35 Public Service Innovation in 2016 Top Book. In the book, Bandung listed two innovations in the field of health, namely "From Zero to Hero "and" Ojek Makanan Balita (OMABA) ".

    Attending in the event, West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan and a number of regional heads in Indonesia. jo

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