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    Youth Revival Momentum With Technology


    INDRAMAYU-88th Youth Pledge Day in Indramayu Regency level is momentum for the revival of youth by utilizing technology applications.

    This was confirmed by Vice Regent Indramayu H. Supendi when he became Inspector of Ceremony who read a speech the Minister of Youth and Sports Affairs, Imam Nahrawi, which took place in the Indramayu Square, Friday (10/28/2016).

    According to Supendi, creative industry today contributes for no less than 7 percent from the total Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of Indonesia. A contribution that can not be small amid world economic slowdown. Most of the creative industry players are productive-aged youths with the use of digital technology.

    Especially lately emerged hundreds of Indonesia young CEOs in the field of Information technology that is trusted by multinational companies. In 2015, reported there were 62 start-up Indonesia which flooded by the investment fund to tens of trillions of rupiah.

    Based on data from the Ministry of Trade, the turnover of online shopping (E-commerce) Indonesia in 2015 was reported have reached Rp. 200 trillion more. If this trend can be managed well, then Indonesia's economy will advance rapidly.

    "Of course, with a note that the traffic and online business chain, Indonesian youth should be in a position as producers not just as consumers, "said Supendi.

    With Commemoration of Youth Pledge, continued Supendi, is a momentum the rise of Indonesian youth. With advances in technology, Indonesia youths from Sabang to Merauke keep moving give contribute thoughts and ideas for the prosperity and greatness The Indonesian people, especially in the eyes of the world.

    "Let us prove in the history of Indonesia, for the umpteenth time Indonesian youth became the main motor decisive change in Indonesia. Demographic bonus can be our only chance to ensure acceleration of economic development of Indonesia into developed countries aligned with other major countries. In front of our eyes there is MEA and Asia and the world free trade. It's time to build the Great vision of Indonesia youth to face the world, "he said.

    On that occasion also signed a design plan of  Indramayu Youth of The Nation Monument by Vice Regent Indramayu. Decree also handed to Retirement for the civil servants in Indramayu Regency Government period November 2016, and ends with the launching of the Madrasah literary movement 2016.
    DENI SANJAYA / Regional Secretariat of Public Relations and Protocol Indramayu

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