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    West Java Province Will Evaluate RDTR of Bandung City


    BANDUNG-West Java Provincial Government will cancel the Regional Regulation Bandung City on Detailed Spatial Plan (RDTR) which is out of substantive agreement. Regional regulation is considered deviant ie on permitting the construction of condo hotel (condotel) in North Bandung (KBU) region. West Java provincial government previously has recommended to RDTR Bandung City that Condotel should not stand in the green region.

    "Why the regional regulation sudden change, what's this? So we'll abort the regional regulation about RDTR Bandung city which having been out of the substantive agreement, "said Vice Governor of West Java Deddy Mizwar when found at His Official Resident, Thursday (27/10).

    Deddy explained, Condotel building should be in the red region, it means the area is allowed for areas that are businesses or commercial. Yellow Zone is an area that is allowed to build private non-residential commercial. While the green area is the protected area not allowed to build anything.

    "In the tip of yellow area Condotel should not build, even in a green area as KBU but it turned out in RDTR Bandung to be yellow, which we will investigate it, "he said.

    He also will establish a special team, composed of enforcement and legal experts to study the cause of the establishment of Condotel in green area. Is it influenced by political pressure, gratuity or lack of understanding of the rules.

    "This team will be as soon as possible to find out what the background of  the changing functions that have been agreed, which surely we will cancel out the regulation, "he said.

    Deddy appealed to entrepreneurs or investors who will invest in the city of Bandung in order to understand beforehand about RDTR which has determined before submitting a business license.

    "Do not be tempted by the promise of a certain person who said there could built. Learn first RDTR agreed substantively, " he said.

    Being asked about whether development Kondotel that violates the rules become serious casue of flooding in Bandung some time ago, Vice Governor said, it needs to be studied first, because the cause of flooding not only in Bandung however Bandung Raya overall integrated with KBU.

    "It needs to be studied first, coordination between the District Municipality as Bandung Raya is indispensable because it has linkages with KBU, "he explained.

    Legal experts and Spatial Planning, Asep Warlan, welcomed the West Java provincial government will cancel the Bandung City Regulation. According to him, should be legal action from the government when there is suspected violation of the RDTR.

    "My advice, it is better to cancel it because it is not accordance with the substance, make it to the green again and then Bandung City had to change its regulations, "he said.

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