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    Labor Demonstation Demands Raising UMP, Governor is Consulting to Central


    BANDUNG-West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan (Aher) said that the Government of West Java Province will consult with relevant Central Government with the aspirations of the workers demo for rise UMP of 8.25% in Gedung Sate, Thursday afternoon (27.10.16). Aher had a chance to do direct meetings with union representatives and listen aspirations they convey.

    Aher said he understands all the proposals and aspirations of the union representing thousands and even millions of workers. For that, he received all the aspirations and will consult with the central government regarding the demands of the workers.

    "Whichever of these aspirations, we have received, we will consider as advice and input. We will submit to the Central Government through the Ministry of Manpower Labor and related ministries, "said Aher in the presence of union representatives workers.

    "But the others to ignore the demands of the PP 78 is certainly impossible because we as a subordinate local government of central government can not just ignore it, of course we will consult the central government does allow a little above the ministerial circulars or should be fixed in accordance with the ministerial circular letter, "he said.

    Before the results of the consultations out, Aher said he will remain refers to Government Regulation (PP) No. 78 of 2015 on Wages. This rule becomes a reference for local governments to determine Provincial Minimum Wage (UMP) and the State Minimum Wages (UMK) because it is a mandate from the central government.

    "Since last year we are using PP (No. 78 of 2015) and up today PP is still valid. PP where it should be implemented because that is Central Government decision which was signed by the President. It means the Governor and Regent / Mayor bonded with the PP, "said Aher.

    "If the PP is simple calculations. Inflation plus economic growth multiple by last year wages. Yes it was a matter of practicality, "he continued.

    Aher added, UMP determination based on MSE proposals set by the Regency / City, so the provinces will make the Decree (SK) on UMP based on UMK proposal with reference to the existing rules.

    "So the process was Government Decision to MSE, MSE its own was proposed by Regency / City. We simply clicking make Decree what it is proposed. The proposed by District / City definitely refer to Regulation 78, " said Aher.

    Up to now the provincial government is still waiting for UMK proposal from any district / city until 21 November 2016 or 40 days before the day or New Year 2017. Aher admitted his side still has not accepted the proposal of UMK.

    "For us the situation must be conducive and the affairs of the UMP determination is easier. If the UMP is simple because it controls the smallest wage. Do not ever wage in the field under the UMP, "said Aher.

    Aher also appealed to the workers who want to express their aspirations or demonstrating that is orderly and safe. "So if there are suggestions, demos, or there is a proposal do it well, conducive demos, safe. No anarchist, no fuss, and no violence. If there is any proposal we as a representative of the Central Government will be conveyed to the The central government, "said Aher.

    There are thousands who come from 16-level union of West Java Province conduct a demonstration in front of Gedung Sate, on Thursday (27.10.16). They are demanding several things, such as refusing employment contract or outsourcing, determination wages in 2017, and rejected the PP No. 78 2015 on Wages.

    "For us pleaded to the Governor about what we submit, it can be a benchmark Aher as governor to set wages, "said one of union representative at the front Aher who was accompanied by the West Java Police Chief Inspector General of Police Bambang Waskito and Commander III / Siliwangi Major General Muhammad Herindra.

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