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    Aher: Positive Image Derived From Positive Substance


    BANDUNG-In 2030 Indonesia will be projected to be one of the influential countries in the world, which is included in the seven major of world economy. To support this, it is necessary the involvement of various party, one of them is PR in order to give a positive image of the state in various fields and contributed to the reputation of Indonesia 2030.

    In line with this, the Association of Public Relations (Perhumas) held a National Convention of Public Relations (KNH) 2016, which is a biggest convention for stakeholders interest throughout Indonesia, which was held in Bandung, 27 to 28 October 2016. The convention theme is "The Power of
    PR: Building a Reputation Indonesia 2030 ".

    West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan (Aher) attended the opening ceremony of KNH 2016 at Hotel Aryaduta, Sumatra Street, Bandung, on Thursday (27.10.16). It was also attended by the Director General (DG) Information and Public Communication Ministry of Communication and Information Rosarita Niken Widyastuti, as well as Chairman of the Central Executive Board (BPP) Perhumas Agung Laksmana.

    PR is the face of an agency or institution. Aher said PR must build a positive contribution by presenting a face indeed of a product or program. The community will judge a product or program is not good when PR is not capable to display as possible what is produced by an agency or institution.

    "Therefore, PR has a duty to maintain the positive image, of course, positive attitude of positive substance. Do not until then present a positive image imposed when the substance or the content is not good, "Aher said in his speech.

    According to Aher, if the source of the positive image presented by PR coming of the negative substance will happen hoax. To that end, the PR is asked to not only build a positive image to the public, but at the same time PR is also able to participate in establishing the substance to be imaged to the public.

    In the context of a country, the PR provides role in building and promoting the image of Indonesia as a whole. This is according to Aher usually conducted through the good promotion and dissemination either about what owned by this land and in turn could have an impact on welfare and reputation of Indonesia.

    "Therefore, I often express that let us as be a nation which present news and promotions equally. Indonesian real nice, but as a result of not good news, the image also is not good, the impact of it is the world perceives us not good, the world community are reluctant to visit, reduced income and welfare also did not increase, "said Aher.

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