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    UMP Keeps Regulation No. 78 Year 2015 About the Wage


    BANDUNG-Determination of the minimum wage as well as the city of the province of West Java (Jabar) will use Government Regulation No. 78 Year 2015 About Wage.

    West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan said the use of rules that must be done because it is the command state. Where the calculation formula the minimum wage is inflation plus economic growth set by government, then multiplied by last year wages.

    "It's a practical matter. It should be implemented, as signed by the president," he said on Thursday (27/10).

    He said if there is a proposal to change the rules from the union can not necessarily be approved however, the proposal will be submitted to center.

    According to him, it is currently still under discussion in each region and according to the rules handed over to the provincial government no later than 40 days prior to January 1 new year. "November 21 for MSEs," he said.

    Touched process of determining the provincial minimum wage, he said at this time still under discussion by the board comprising provincial wage which consist of workers elements, employers, and the provincial government. UMP in the West Java Province is relatively new for PP 78 2015 require administration to impose UMP.

    "It used to be there, may not. In PP (78 in 2015) are new, there should be," he said. jo

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