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    Agung: Ourselves is PR for the Indonesian Nation


    BANDUNG-reputation of a state seen from the size of the Good Country Index (GCI). In 2014, Indonesia GCI is positioned 119 out of 125 countries. Far below Asean countries, such as Singapore in position 24, Thailand (53), Malaysia (58), and the Philippines (114). However, the position of Indonesia managed to climb in 2016 it became the 77th of 163 countries of the world ranks It because of cooperation between the government, stakeholders, and participation community.

    Director General of Information and Public Communication, Ministry of Communications and Informatics Rosarita Niken Widyastuti said PR has a important role in improving Indonesia's reputation in the eyes of the world. Therefore, according to Niken, PR has two functions, namely to benefit of the people and for global interests.

    "Good Country Index is not only the view of economic growth, but also seen a culture, a culture that involves not only the arts but also habit (custom) from the public, government performance, optimism, and positive attitude of society, "said Niken in his speech.

    Niken also added that there are three essential elements that must be owned by PR in building a reputation. Among the plus performance, plus behavior, and plus communication. These three elements, according Niken can provide more benefits to the community and the world.

    "PR should be able to answer the expectations of the emotional and the rational expectations its stakeholders, so they can be more proactive in providing information abaout the achievements or what has been acquired by the government, private sector, or society. So PR should be able to deliver good news about Indonesia, "said Niken.

    National Convention of Public Relations (KNH) in 2016 was attended by nearly 500 participants, comprising from public relations practitioners and academics from all over Indonesia. Chairman of BPP Perhumas Agung Laksamana said that the main element of the KNH 2016 among other PR readiness to contribute more to Indonesia through three things, namely the establishment of a new code of ethics of public relations; roadmap or public relations road map, which is building a reputation of Indonesia 2030; and release of Book Indonesia Biacara Baik.

    "Three contributions of thinking needed to build basic competence harmony, collaboration, and synergy of PR practitioners based on the development of Information and Communication Technology (ICT). be expected gradually able to make Indonesia as a destination for the main trade, investment, travel destinations, as well as creating a global product, "said Agung.

    In this convention will be attended by several speakers, among others: Triawan Munaf (Head of Creative Economy RI), Ridwan Kamil (Mayor of Bandung), Tony Wenas (CEO April), Rosmaya Hadi (Head of Representative Office Bank Indonesia in West Java), Prita Kemal Gani (President Asean PR Network), as well as other speakers.

    In addition, at the opening of the convention also declared October 27th as the Day of National Public Relations. The goal is to build awareness to the public that our self is the PR for this nation.

    "National PR Day is so that people building awareness that who actually PR of Indonesia? Not only PR practitioners but all Public Relations; You, I, and 255 million people in Indonesia are PR. So we want to surge that if anyone asks who is the PR of Indonesia, you have to say me and the other 255 million people in Indonesia, "said Agung.

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