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    Netty Visits Cileuncang Flood Victims Families Bandung


    BANDUNG-West Java Chairman of Integrated Services Center for Women and Children (P2TP2A) Netty Heryawan Prasetiyani visits the funeral home cileuncang flood victims, in Gang Ranim 22 RT07 / RW08 Hegarmanah Cidadap Subdistrict, City of Bandung, on Wednesday evening (10.26.16).

    The late Ade Sudrajat (30), staff at the supermarket in Setiabudi area Bandung, swept away when helping his colleague in the flood on Monday, October 24, 2016. Although his colleague survived, unfortunately deceased was found in a sewer a few meters from the place where he was slipping, in state died.

    The victim's wife, Erna S. Wulandari said that she did not expect her husband leave so quickly. Erna said, in the day of the incident the victim go to work, but return only the name.

    "The late said goodbye to go to work, when arrived at parking lot by bike, he helped his friend, but fell. When flood receded, he was already gone, still wearing helmet, grab on the pole, "said Erna.

    Explosions, Netty continue to entertain families of the victims and pray that Ade's sacrifices would be repaid heaven by Allah SWT.
    "Hopefully the practice of Kang Ade calculated martyred by God, as a husband went to work to support his family, his every move worth as striving in His way, "Netty hopes, accompanied by Head of Social Services of West Java Arifin, Head of Protocol and Public Relations of West Java Regional Secretary Sonny and Head of Cidadap Yasa Hanafiah.

    "Moreover, the victim died while helping people, multiple reward he got," Netty continued echoed by all the family and guests.

    Ade Sudrajat leaving his wife and a 2.5 year old son, Raihan, who is now in a state hospital because bronchitis. During his life, Ade was known as a polite, diligent and loving to his family. Ade was buried in his hometown in Tasikmalaya regency.

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