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    Three Innovations of West Java Provincial Government are Believed Can Prevent Bribes


    BANDUNG-West Java Province continues to bring many efforts through innovation to support employee performance and effectiveness of the administration program. The goal is not only to facilitate, accelerate and improve the professionalism of the employees in carry out their duties providing the best service to the public, but it could be to prevent illegal payments (bribes) are rife.

    West Java Provincial Government also implemented several measures as part of these innovations. Furthermore, this innovation is expected to afford discourage the practice of extortion in the level of government. Governor of West Java Ahmad Heryawan (Aher) said it has implemented three innovations in his government, such as: (1) Establish the character of employees, (2) Applying the e-Government program, and (3) Make Benefit Improvements Income (TPP) program.

    "We are ready to become the frontline to combat extortion, with a good way of course, and then the ways of telling who is able presenting the absence of extortion, "said Aher after becoming speaker in Seminar Alumni Association (IKLUM) LAN STIA STIA LAN Bandung Hall, Cimandiri No. 34, Bandung, Friday (10.28.16).

    "And we are also building a good system right. And the result of the system which can be electric computerized, Alhamdulillah the extortion can be lost, "he continued.

    Aher explained that the development of character is essential as part of an employee's establishment who are performing well and behave honestly. This matter conducted through the religious approach by not only learn but the direct practice in the field. "As the story infaq immediately practice at the time. Quran gives lessons should good talk and manners practiced at that time, "said Aher when gives material in the seminar.

    While the innovation of e-Government applications are applied as in budgeting or so-called e-Budgeting, e-procurement or online auction, as well as various other computerized based applications. West Java E-Government had has received numerous awards from the central government three years respectively, and e-procurement has been awarded a six-year consecutive.

    The other thing is the application of TPP which conducts by West Java province. this TPP is given to employees based on performance. "Now we've apply performance 60 percent, so if performance is by 30 percent it will have only 30 percent. So it is not necessarily diligent with TPP. Because the rule is not a benefit that improves performance, but performance which generate excess or additional allowances benefits. In my management like that, "said.

    On this occasion, Aher also asked the public to be proactive to report to the government if it finds that the actions of extortion done by his ranks.

    "Of course, the West Java is awaiting reports from the public - who are related to provincial governments that still complaints of extortion. Please report to us. Of course it should be complete report, there 5W plus 1H. We will follow especially if the public frankly, because extortion was part of corruption, "said Aher.

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