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    Demographics Bonus, Deddy: Need Environmental Support


    BANDUNG-Demographics bonus 2020-2035 become very strategic opportunities for Indonesia to become global players, in accelerating the development, and put 'Itself' to align with other developed nations. However, the Vice Governor of West Java Deddy Mizwar said, it could have been hampered if not accompanied with good environmental support.

    Progress will be achieved by Indonesia, it will not be separated from the availability support of human resources (HR), while environmental support can not be separated from it.

    Environmental support is to be very important in supporting survival of the Human Resources (HR) which will be the motor of intended progress.
    Environmental support is determined by the capacity of nature in providing resources, and also space for human survival, as well as other creatures. So it is necessary for keeping the preservation of nature.

    "In 2020-2035 Indonesia has the demographic bonus, ie in the simple ratio, 64% of Indonesia's population is young people in productive age. While the remaining 46% is the age of the children and the elderly. Well, then HR should be prepared from now. One of the challenges is the environment support. Now, if the environment support is bad, the children go to school but schools were damaged because of a local disaster, what can we do? "Reveals Vice Governor Deddy Mizwar in the event 'Ngaruwat & Ngarawat Cikuray ', Persada Bayongbong, Garut in junior high school and vocational school, Sunday (30/10/2016).

    By that, Deddy Mizwar states, every development has to be accompanied by environmental sustainability. It was created to occur the balance of nature, to minimize the disaster.

    Then related events that attend by the students of Persada Bayongbong Garut junior high school students and vocational school, he welcomed because the understanding of the environment given early.

    "Every time a human grow, need home, need education, transport, road is built, it must take into account environment. Besides that, we have to create awareness of how to build environmental support so that there is no more disaster, "he said.

    Protecting the environment also needs to be done starting from upstream to downstream. In the downstream It can be done with river normalization or avoiding pollution of rivers, or revamping the drainage. In the upstream, planting trees in degraded land, had to be sought. Also on water catchment area needs to be considered with appropriate plants. Deddy also invites students who are activity participants to love the environment, and likes to plant trees.

    "From now on my children, supposing tomorrow is apocalypse, and now we hold tree seed, still we have to grow it, "said Deddy to the students.

    In this activity, planted 1,000 trees by environmentalist community, along with Persada Bayongbong Garut junior high school students and vocational school which consisting of palm seedlings, mahogany seedlings, rubber seeds, albasiah seedlings, eucalyptus seedlings and other tree crops.

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