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    Infrastructure to Ciletuh Completed on April 2016


    BANDUNG - To provide convenience for tourists who will come to Ciletuh Geopark that located in Cimarinjung, Ciwaru Village, Ciemas District, Sukabumi, a number of infrastructure, particularly roads access will begin to be built.

    Vice Governor of West Java, Deddy Mizwar recognizes that Ciletuh region which have uniqueness both in terms of geography, nature and culture is currently very difficult to be reached by the people who want to visit the area.

    "The main factor is the difficulty of infrastructure to reach Ciletuh area, Sukabumi," he said.

    Therefore, according to him, provincial government has formed a team consist of OPD in West Java provincial government to solve the problems of infrastructure towards Ciletuh Geopark.

    “Insya Allah, next year around April 2016, the road access entrance to Ciletuh already completed until Puncak Darma area," he said

    Vice Governor stated, the budget needed to improve the road infrastructure to Ciletuh Geopark reaches Rp 30 billion.

    "For the road infrastructure we have allocated Rp 30 billion from Bina Marga,” he said.


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