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    Observes To SMA / SMK in Karawang In Order To Management Transfer to Province


    Karawang-West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan visits Karawang Regency in order to discuss Management Transfer of SMA / SMK from City / District to Province, Monday (31/10).

    On that working visit, Ahmad Heryawan accompanied by Karawang Regent Cellica Nurrachadiana visited SMK 1 Karawang and SMAN 1 Ciampel which are considered as one of the pilot schools for the school in Karawang regency. It was proven with the diverse achievements which has been gotten by the school.

    The Arrival of Ahmad Heriyawan and Cellica Nurrachadiana to the school was greeted with great fanfare and enthusiasm. Students dances traditional and play angklung as a welcome reception.

    The visit was filled with the dialogue with associations of headmaster in Karawang, in order to provide input and sharing information on the problems of education in the Karawang. One of them is to discuss about the teaching and learning facilities for students and welfare of teachers in the Karawang.

    Furthermore, the working visit of the Governor of West Java is covered with sowing fish in Situ Cipule. Sowing seeds of such fish is a program of the Fisheries Department of West Java, namely sowing 1 million fish seed will be deployed in West Java and one of them is in Situ Cipule, Karawang.

    Ahmad Heryawan in a statement said that the sowing of the fish seed was conducted as a means for people in the recreation, Situ Cipule is one of tourist destination for Karawang Regency.

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