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    49th Ruat Laut Mandiri Mina Fajar Sidik Village Unit Cooperatives Blanakan


    SUBANG-Village Unit Cooperatives (KUD) Mandiri Mina Fajar Sidik held 49th Ruat Laut 2016, which was centered in the fish auction place (TPI), Subdistrict Blanakan Subang regency, Sunday (30/10). Unlike the previous years, the cooperatives also held various art events and culture, as well as provide a variety of assistance to fishing communities of Blanakan.
    West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan (Aher) was present at this event. In ruat laut this time there are a lot of activities held as an expression of fishermen' gratitude to Allah for the blessing and abundance of marine natural resources He has given. Like the carnival parade and performing arts Wayang Show, sea-themed drawing competition, as well as various other activities for fishermen of Blanakan and surrounding areas.
    On this occasion It is also done laying the first stone of the Smart Kids Fishermen house by Governor Ahmad Heryawan, and done anyway inauguration leaders and administrators Executive Board of the Regional Indonesia Movement of Fishermen and Farmers (DPD Ganti) Subang Regency from 2016 to 2021 by the Chairman of Ganti, Rokhmin Dahuri.
    The Village Unit Cooperatives of Mandiri Mina Fajar Sidik also provide assistance to the elderly, the poor, orphans, and child circumcision. In addition, any the Village Unit Cooperatives received help in the form of three units and one diesel engine and 1 unit water pump, and also handed Jasaraharja Insurance Claims for fishers from Water Police Directorate of West Java.
    "Hopefully this event can bring spirit, either spirit for fishermen to earn a living in the sea or the spirit of our co-assist and develop the lives of the fishermen, "said Aher in speech.
    Furthermore, Aher also explained that fishing is one components of the nation that has significance for life. Through fishermen we can all enjoy high nutrition animal protein consumption, namely sea fish or freshwater fish. For that, said Aher fishermen and farmers, and workers should be the focus of attention currently.
    Mandiri Mina Fajar Sidik village unit cooperatives is a cooperative institution built by DPD Ganti Subang Regency. This cooperative has a pretty good fish auction building and the artery for the economy and the fishermen in the district Blanakan surroundings. However, the access road to TPI is inadequate. To that end, the West Java provincial government will provide financial assistance through Subang regency in order to access the road to the TPI can be corrected immediately.
    "Affairs of the infrastructure we will accomplish together. therefore earlier, there was a proposal to improve the road towards this Blanakan repaired because it is not good, I was immediately welcomed. Inshallah later province would give funds and the fund will be seconded to the Subang regency for built, "said Aher.

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