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    Vice Governor Leads Civil Servants Morning Ceremony


    BANDUNG-Vice Governor of West Java Deddy Mizwar, led Monday morning ceremony of Civil Servants (PNS) in the scope of the Government of West Java Province, in Gedung Sate Bandung, Monday (10/31/2016).

    Vice Governor Deddy Mizwar stated, ceremony is done every Monday morning, not just only civil servants appear to come early, but ceremony should be occured to stimulate the discipline of civil servants.

    "Secondly, this ceremony is also to reinvigorate the commitment of civil servants to serve West Java community as well as possible, creating an effective performance useful for community, "said Vice Governor.

    Through ceremony according to Deddy, will encourage civil servants to the discipline of the time, effectiveness performance, and efficiency of service to the community.

    Because he says, "Basically we are all working in Government of West Java Province is actually working for the benefit of West Java community, "he said.

    "Hopefully, TPP is not only great, but Inshallah the reward is well. Thanks for the discipline and also our common commitment, hopefully we can give the best for West Java and for Indonesia, "he concluded.

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