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    Attractions Combination of Culture and Technology Will Liven Opening PON


    BANDUNG-Committee of National Sports (PB PON) XIX 2016 West Java will held an opening ceremony by presenting the biggest and best attractions of culture and technology.

    “Insya Allah, we intend to present the largest attractions in the opening and closing ceremony. We will combine a mix between culture and technology which packaged  nicely and modern which going to appear in the opening ceremony and closing ceremony,” said the Governor of West Java, H. Ahmad Heryawan in Media Gathering of Media Support Discussions on PON XIX - Peparnas XV 2016 in the West Hall Gedung Sate, Bandung, Monday (16/11).

    At the opening ceremony, his parties will invite two school in this attraction of culture and technology, they are SMK 10 and ISBI (Bandung Institute of Cultural Arts). These two schools were combined to enliven the attraction on POPNAS opening ceremony. According to him the result is quite lively, because the two schools have been trained though only in a half month.

    "Mr. Menpora says along the sports events that I attended, this is the opening ceremony with the best colossal dance. I told him that Insya Allah when the opening of PON will be better than this,” said Aher. The opening of PON will be wearing real fireworks, not just balloons like in POPNAS opening ceremony.


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