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    Strengthening of Indonesian Language in ASEAN Must Reinforced Again


    BANDUNG-BIPA Program (Indonesian for Foreign Speakers) intensively conducted at the international level, but the promotion in ASEAN region itself, it seems not very active.

    Prof. Dr. Dendy Sugono declares it as a speaker in National Seminar on Indonesian Language and Literature "Remembering the pace of JS Badudu in Indonesian Language Development "organized by Padjajaran University Indonesian literature program studies in Central Hall of Japanese Culture Studies, Faculty of Culture Padjadjaran University.

    "Government measures related to the promotion of Indonesian in facing the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) era is not particularly active, "he said.

    Prof. Dendy said, not opening BIPA program at the ASEAN level is the reason the government has not been active in developing Indonesian. On the other hand, the Indonesian people themselves are not proactive in learning languages used in ASEAN member countries. In fact, the language is one of the indicator in state readiness to face the AEC.

    "If we have a business, to get promotions there, willing to trade there, we must know language of the people there, "said Prof. Dendy. jo

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