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    Bandung City Targets Saving Electricity in 5 Years


    BANDUNG-Government of Bandung today officially launched Mayor Bandung Regulations No.1023 / 2016 on Building Green for reduce energy consumption, CO2 emissions and water consumption of the building. The publication of these regulations in line with efforts of Bandung became one of the world's leading smart cities that are environmentally friendly and have citizens with high quality of life.

    Mayor Bandung Ridwan Kamil said if all the provisions applicable, then targeted in the next 5 years the city of Bandung can save electricity usage by 25 percent and water by 40 percent.

    He said as one of the major cities in Indonesia with high level of growth and urbanization, Bandung need to make savings electricity and water so electricity and water which can later be saved used for other development priorities, such as LRT, and etc.

    "In the next five years, it is estimated there will be more than 2.7 million meters a square building that has complied with the provisions contained in this rule, or nearly 100 times the size of Gedung Sate, with savings electricity more than 140 thousand MWh which is equivalent to more than US $ 16 million, " he said.

    The scope of this Mayor Regulation covers all new buildings, either large scale (over 5,000 square meters), as well as small buildings (Less than 5,000 square meters), including injured homes.

    This regulation is the first in Indonesia which has a compulsory and voluntary requirements in one regulation. A mandatory requirement is a requirement to be met by each type of buildings in all extents, while the voluntary requirements are additional requirements must be achieved if the owner / manager of the building wanted to obtain additional incentives that could be extents allowed to constructed and / or a reduction in property tax.

    In order to facilitate the implementation of the Mayor Regulation, launched some support tools devices, ie website www.distarcip.building.go.id/greenbuilding containing information about green buildings in the city of Bandung, the online application system for Technical Recommendations applicant as a prerequisite to obtain a building permit and User Guide which can be used to guide the design and implementation of green building requirements. jo

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