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    Public Relations Association (Perhumas) held Convention


    BANDUNG-Public Relations Association (Perhumas) held National Public Relations Convention (KNH) 2016, which is the largest convention of the PR Stakeholders throughout Indonesia in Bandung. Thursday-Friday, October 27 to 28 2016.

    According to the Chairman of the Central Executive Board (BPP) Perhumas Agung Laksamana, the main elements of KNH 2016, among others, the readiness of greater contribution to Indonesia through  KNH 2016. As with the determination of a new ethics code of public relations, the public relations road map that is to build Indonesia reputation in 2030, as well as the release of Indonesia Bicara Baik Book. All three will presented in front of nearly 500 participants of public relations practitioners and academics throughout Indonesia.

    "These three contribution of thinking needed to build basic competence harmony, collaboration, and synergy of PR practitioners with development of communication information technology based. Hopefully, it is gradually able to make Indonesia as a major trading destination, investment, travel destinations, as well as creating a global product, "he said during the opening of KNH 2016 at Arya Duta Hotel, Bandung, on Thursday (27/10).

    Agung explained, Indonesia Bicara Baik Book will include the work of PR academics and practitioners in supporting the reputation of Indonesia 2030. There is also writings from the Cabinet Secretary Pramono Agung, Professor of Public Relations Padjadjaran University, Prof. Soleh Soemirat and Professor of Public Relations Bandung Islamic University, Prof. Neni Yulianita, as well as a number of public relations academics in Indonesia.

    According to him, along with the potential of Indonesia which will be the influenced country in 2030, the scope of public relations is expected to have far role at the global level. Moreover, even President Joko Widodo ever said that Indonesia needs to follow the example of the public relations role in India and State of America that are considered successful because its great contribution to the country, particularly in economic sectors.

    "Public relations practitioners must also have agenda setting and a single narrative when communicating with the public. PR should encourage the involvement of public in decision-making and actively communicating to community. The President also wants Indonesian publicist does not have an sectoral ego and always responsive when providing information. Especially in attainment and government policies, "he said. jo

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