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    FSP LEM SPSI Fight for Prosperous Labor


    BANDUNG-Workers who are members of Indonesian the United Federation of Metal Workers, Electronics and Engineering Workers Union (SPSI LEM FSP) held a National Working Meeting (Rakernas) in hotel Promenade cihampelas street Bandung, West Java, on Wednesday and Thursday 26-27 October 2016, with the theme "Rakernas FSP LEM SPSI realize Strong and Classy Unions".

    Muhammad Sidarta as the organizing committee said, the congress which a testament to the organization as a platform to coordinate program and development between the central board, the area until the company level board unit to be aligned and can be done well.

    "With this congress, it is expected FSP LEM SPSI can enhance the role and function as a trade union in defending and protecting the rights and interests of all members can be realized with coordinate the organization's program and development of the central level until a member in accordance of the National Meeting theme, "he said, Wednesday (26/10).

    It should be implemented together because the condition of industrial relations connection is poor. Indonesia, which believed in the welfare state apparently not capable of prospering the workers and all the people, even roles and responsibilities of the country are small, exploitation of resources and free market allowed to continue growing rapidly in the country.

    Industrial relations properly can be a pillar of national economic development to improve the welfare of the workers and the whole people.

    "Workers are part of the nation potential having an important position and role as well as strategic as active agents of national economic development, especially as the human resources which are the backbone and motor of economic state improvement, "added Sidarta.

    Sidarta added, the fact that until now the workers, as the main factor of production, has not received the priority that need attention and seemed only as a supplement that can be on-off any time and get paid cheap without job security.

    The government is supposed to protect the workers in a weak position or deliberately weakened, it seems even helped emasculate the rights of workers with various forms of policy / regulations such as PP 78/2015 on Wage referenced minimum wage districts / cities and province. PP 78/2015 should be repealed because as contrary to the Constitution 1945 and the Employment Act number 13 of 2003, he said.

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