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    Haru: Flood Problem is Highly Complex


    BANDUNG-Bandung Regional House of Representatives asses flooding in some areas in Bandung like on the dr Junjunan street (Pasteur), Pajajaran street and Pagarsih area of Bandung on Monday (24/10) yesterday afternoon, is not only caused by one factor.

    According to the Vice Chairman of the Parliament of Bandung, Haru Suandharu, the problem of flooding that happened yesterday was not caused by one factor.

    "The flood problem could due to high rainfall, garbage, drainage, ecological destruction in the upstream and the other," said Haru, when contacted jabarprov.go.id, Tuesday (25/10).

    Haru said, the Mayor of Bandung Ridwan Kamil need to form a special team of the current flood prevention which it is still happening so have the master plan for flood prevention, action plans by an adequate budget.

    "Hopefully the problem of flooding in Bandung can be reduced even resolved in the short term, medium term and long term," he said. (Parno)

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