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    Flood Due to flooding Infiltration Bandung Sungai Hulu Reduced


    BANDUNG-Flooding on the dr Junjunan street (Pasteur) and Pagarsih area Bandung, Monday (24/10) yesterday afternoon cause losses in the hundreds of millions of rupiah, besides the high rainfall also a result of the lack of river upstream catchment which flow to the Bandung City.

    Head of Implementation Department of Highways and Irrigation (DBMP) Bandung City Lisa Suryalestari admitted, her side is routinely cleaning and maintenance rivers and drainage channels.

    "We routinely perform the cleaning operation and maintenance of rivers and drainage channels especially flood-prone areas, but due to rushing rain, the water volume increases until the water onto the street, "she said.

    According to Lisa, one of the water volume which increases when the rain flooded several roads is a result of local conditions of Bandung upstream which have decreased the catchment.

    "Whatever happens, including flood events yesterday should we take a lesson, one of the reason is the condition of the upstream catchment function in Bandung city has been reduced, "said Lisa, in the event of Bandung Reply in the Media Room Lounge Bandung City Hall, Tuesday (25/10).

    Lisa also said the floods in the area of Pagarsih washed several cars parked on the street, more because the narrowing of river bodies.

    "Flooding in Pagarsih, one of the cause is the narrowing of the river flow, which is not the least utilized by the community, "he said. (Parno)

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