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    West Java Electrification Keep Upgraded


    BANDUNG, West Java became the location of the largest users of electricity in Indonesia, the number reached more than 12 million people.

    "West Java will be the national energy granary. So do not hesitate to electric readiness in West Java. No need to think to build plant itself. Because we are ready to provide electricity with good quality", said Nasri Sebayang, PLN Regional Business Director Central of Java, at the Workshop Electricity on National Electricity Day 71st in Gedung Merdeka Bandung, Tuesday (25/10).

    Towards the end of 2016, the electrification ratio in West Java reached 95.6%. PLN still have to connect about 2 million new customers to realize Jabar Caang in the year 2018.

    Throughout 2016 PLN recorded increase in the number of customers around  400,000, bringing the total subscribers in West Java was 12.9 million subscribers, with an installed power capacity of 21.6 million subscribers Kilo Volt Amperes (kVA).

    While the addition of Medium Voltage Networks reached 3,974 kms, the addition of 555 new distribution transformer unit, and expansion Low Voltage Networks throughout the 10 138 kms.

    For rural electrification PMN allocated around Rp 90 Billion for building 102 kms JTM, 286 kms and 108 distribution substations and installation targeted households.

    "We are aware that our services are still not perfect. There is still some communities, especially in the southern part of West Java that has not electrified. Some of the challenges we face is the difficulty of land to install new substation / transformer to urban areas. while in the countryside is the rough terrain to haul poles and a transformer to the location ", said Iwan Purwana, General Manager of PLN West Java Distribution. jo

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