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    Governor Heryawan is Washing Hands Together with Elementary School Students


    BANDUNG-In commemoration of World Hand Washing with Soap (CTPS), Governor Ahmad Heryawan gives an example to the children in West Java by washing hands with soap. The event hand washing with soap, initiated by the West Java Health Department on Wednesday (26/20) at parking lot Gedung Sate Bandung.

    Governor Ahmad Heryawan and Mrs. Netty Heryawan give an example by washing hands with soap together with dozens of elementary school children in Bandung. In the beginning, rinsed hands first, then put soap both hands at last rubbed simultaneously into the gaps between the fingers and rubbed on the back inside and outside of the hand, up to one minute, and then dried use a tissue or cloth, which is exemplified by Governor and Mrs. Netty Heryawan together with elementary school children.

    Governor in his speech before washing hands with soap said, one of the causes of diarrhea are not washing hands with soap in addition to the food itself. Therefore, we surge event like this-handwashing with soap. "Although the event is simple, it still has deep meaning and its great benefits, said Governor.

    Governor expressed his hope, that the children of West Java healthy, polite and intelligent. "We surge this jargon, is" healthy, polite and intelligent " including for the years to come ", begged the governor.

    On that occasion, the Governor expressed his commitment to "Make Commitment of Handwashing become customary. "This commitment is characterized by keystrokes siren jointly by the Governor, West Java Head of Health Department, and Chairman of the PKK, Netty Heryawan. Besides Governor Dab a message in fabric banner contains "Children in West Java Healthy, polite and Smart.

    After the declaration of commitment, the Governor and Mrs. Netty Heryawan and scores children of elementary school students perform handwashing with soap

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