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    Department of Highways and Irrigation (DBMP) Bandung is Ready to Assess Water Toll Placement


    BANDUNG-Department of Highways and Irrigation (DBMP) Bandung plans to study the placement of Tol Air or pumps, after the occurrence of flooding in the dr Junjunan (Pasteur) street and Pagarsih area of ??Bandung, Monday (24/10) yesterday afternoon.

    Head of Implementation DBMP Bandung, Lisa Suryalestari said flooding Pasteur and Pagarsih due to lack of water absorption in the upper area.

    "Supposedly when it rains, water is absorbed, it is reduced so that the flow of torrential water flows, resulting in water overflowing into the street," he said.

    According to Lisa, the north area of Bandung should be more water catchment areas when the rain comes, but for now going over the land so that the catchment area is reduced.

    "There are going over the land in the area of ??North Bandung, such as the construction of housing and hotels so that the recharge area is reduced," said Lisa, in the event of Bandung Answering in Media Lounge Bandung City Hall, Tuesday (25/10).

    Lisa states, with these conditions and what happened yesterday DBMP Bandung will review to put Water Tol or pumps to suck up water in a flood-prone area.

    "To suck up the water it will be located in flood prone areas to be channeled to the river,of course dumping water is safe and does not lead to a big flood water," he said. (Parno)

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