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    Peparnas XV Beautiful Rainbow


    BANDUNG-sky drizzle on the last Sunday afternoon (23/10), not able to disguise the tears flowing more rapidly than rainwater. A mother is crying while hugging his son who did not stop tears. Meanwhile, an announcement over the loudspeaker, assuring them if West Java fails to embrace champion title.
    The final match of cerebral palsy football on National Paralympic Week (Peparnas) XV West Java in 2016 held in the Progressive Field, Sukarno-Hatta, Bandung, presents the aroma of competition which smell so strong. Not just hard impact between players at the field, but also the fighting of strong support in the stands.

    The Opponents of West Java (Jabar) in the afternoon was South Kalimantan (Kalsel) which arguably hard to beat. South Kalimantan perform with yellow customes, the players have individuals quality. Even, their goalkeeper often advancing to surge into the defense area of West Java in order to attack. The Kalsel players increasingly eager after getting support from 100's other supporters who are athletes and officials from other sports of the South Kalimantan. Equipped with drumming, singing them so loud and almost did not stop throughout the game.

    "I'm from the branch sports of swimming," said swimming coach Kalsel, Maki Mina, "In addition, it also came from athletics, Goalball, table tennis, to archery. All sport gathered here. "The support of Kalsel fans turned out in West Java impact on the game team. They look nervous, especially in the first round shown with unforced errors. "First round perhaps because the audience more than the previous game, maybe they were a bit nervous. In the second half, the game is running well, " clear West Java Coach, Iwan Setiawan S.Pd.

    Iwan said that the last 10 minutes in the second half, the spirit of a child foster began to grow again. However, the team only scored two goals because the game time is over.

    After the referee blew the sign of the game was over, the contrast atmosphere is visible. The players of Kalsel ran and tumbled toward the spectators stands, while West Java players bowed sluggish. After the two teams shaking hands, the Kalsel players directly photographed with happy face. In the other hand, the West Java players immediately attended by their families. when Kalsel cheered the players, in other places the West Java players cry sob. Their families were present and could not hold back anymore his grief.

    "Sad, it is so said," said Kartini, mother of West Java attacker, Cahyana. "We are from Majalaya with family. It has been here since one o'clock. "
    In addition to his mother, two sisters also attended Cahyana, as well as his wife and son. According to, his wife Siti, Cahyana have been training West Java team since after Lebaran this year. The consequence is that he must be quarantined and can not meet the family every day.

    Cahyana main job is sewing, while football is a hobby from childhood of father with one child. He often played futsal when there is free time. "I am proud to represent the West Java. I'm sad, but what can we do again. It is also the result of the effort, "said Siti. Almost all the players in the team of West Java could not hide their sadness. Cries sounded so tinny, especially after they met families whose average come from far away.

    "Most of the players are from outside Bandung, some from Garut until Majalengka, "said Iwan. West Java cerebral palsy football team  targeted to reach the champion title. However, in its preparation still there are a number of drawbacks such as the matter of athletes selection. especially a person with cerebral palsy will be trouble, even to play ball properly is so hard, to simply perform daily activities also need to struggle.

    This is confirmed by dr. Uray Aldo Juviar who served as medical volunteers for cerebral palsy soccer sports. Hermina Arcamanik ER Call Doctor admitted very amazed with the struggle of the athletes. "They seem to practice well. Looks almost no difference with ordinary athlete. It's incredible. For his own daily life must be difficult. For sports activities are weighing these full body contact like this, they are certainly not haphazard training," said dr. Uray. According to 29 years old doctor, a person with cerebral palsy will have difficulty in motor activities such as moving the hands and feet.

    This also makes them vulnerable to injury, especially because bump or fall. "They have limitations, one of which is motor weakness. So that they fled out of balance. Also if you fall tend not to resist, "said dr. Uray. Hearing the explanation dr. Uray, it seems reasonable that the sadness that must be thrown away. in invisible, their performance on the field did not show if they have to live with so heavy. Able to kick ball, lure, catch, to score goals, is one thing so wonderfully done by the players.

    Iwan as a coach pointed out that his team had been warned to the players not too arrogant to win, and should understand how it feels when you lose. But, still, the defeat remains defeat. Tears were dripping impossible to be restored. On Finally, at a time, the tears will be forgotten and replaced, not by grief, but by pride; Just as a rainbow after rain.

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