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    Proud To Be National Flag Forces in Peparnas XV 2016


    Proud To Be Forces National Flag in Peparnas XV 2016
    2016-10-24 20:14:00 | NEWS 59 VIEWS 0 COMMENTS | SOURCE: REP-HUMAS JABAR

    BANDUNG-A honor and pride of being a contingent escort on the march of a grand event of football. Not many people elected to do so.

    As perceived by National Flag Forces (Paskibraka) of West Java province. They feel proud to be chosen to escort at the opening and closing procession of the National Sports Week (PON) and National Paralympic Week (Peparnas), 2016.

    Diverse impression was felt by them, especially when it became contingent accompanist in the opening of Peparnas some time ago. There are no big differences by bringing sports board at PON and Peparnas, but the Paralympic event is more excited.

    With limited, Peparnas athletes are able to look forward to upright, no inferiority especially weak. A look of optimism and spirit. It was felt by the West Java Paskibraka who feel honored to accompany the great people with disabilities.

    "Since the opening and closing of PON yesterday and the opening of Peparnas, I participated. Pride for me, be with great people, especially when accompany Peparnas athletes. They struggle with their limitations, "said Muhammad Ilham Nasution, the officer of contingent escort soccer branch at Siliwangi Stadium on Sunday (10/23/2016) afternoon.

    Other Paskibraka members from Indramayu, West Java, Widikdo Widoyono adding, for participating in activities of PON and Peparnas, many things obtained. Especially about the meaning of strength, mentality and fighting spirit.

    What he got was not different from what given by his senior or Paskibraka builder in training or Paskibraka education. But, the understanding and taste even obtained when viewed directly, especially the sturggle of people with disabilities to reach dreams with limitations.

    "I have great respect for Peparnas athletes. Struggle Power, spirit, motivation, self-confidence, mentally they owned. And with sincerity receive owned, they are still capable to make an achievement and provide pride. Not for himself but others, "he said that his task to accompany the badminton contingent.

    The plan, closing party of Peparnas XV / 2016 West Java will be held on Monday afternoon at Siliwangi Stadium, Bandung. Activities will be held on afternoons with a variety of festive treats.

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