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    GPFI XV National Conference Held


    BANDUNG-Indonesian Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Association (GPFI) organized National Conference XV at Trans Hotels Bandung, 23 to 25 October, 2016.

    Chairman of GPFI Johannes Setijono said as part of efforts to promote and build community support for the pharmacy business in Indonesia, GPFI strives to contribute to activate positive exchange of information, whether it is an education to the community, as well as for pharmaceutical businessmen and between the supporting partners in order to make the dynamic developmet of pharmaceutical field in this country, so intertwined networking that is more beneficial to all stakeholders.

    Through the implementation of the National Conference XV 2016 in Bandung, GPFI determined to bring together the commitment of all stakeholders, to strengthen and encouraging potential in the country toward a New Paradigm in the National Pharmaceutical Business Development Process to Achieve Independence Pharmaceutical Enterprises according to Nawa Cita, as being in theme of the National Conference XV this time.

    "We hope to be a positive reference to the pursuit of pharmaceutical entrepreneurs along the entire chain of business supporters, and helped to bring progress for the development of pharmaceutical in the establisment of the public health at large in Indonesia, "he said. jo

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