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    Graduates Must be Creative


    BANDUNG-Along with the development that continues to change in all sectors of life, including the world of work, requires Human Resources (HR) were able to survive, not least those who are in secretary position and management in a company.

    Director of Ariyanti Academy of Secretary and Management (ASM), Deni Supardi Hambali said, self-actualization and the competence of a graduate is very important as to the ongoing changes.

    "Change will run, continue and we can not stand it, but the important thing was not the material but the endurance, where student itself can exist everywhere, "he said

    According to Deni, with self-actualization, the student wherever he is, whenever and with whoever he is, can still be recognized that can actualize especially with its competency.

    "With self-actualization owned, in the future he can still have integrity, creative and innovative, and capable of being recognized by the industry and the environment, "said Deni, after an open trial of senate Ariyanti ASM, at Harris Hotel Conventions Festival Citylink, Saturday (22/10).

    Deni added that in the face of changes that continue to occur, Its need someone that has creativity wherever he is, so that he has the ability to be able to create something new.

    "As well as administration that needed by the industry, with technology that is constantly changing, so their ability to organize administration adapted to the needs of industry or institution, it has to be creative because without creative they will lose to compete by advances in technology, "he said. (Parno)

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