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    Ariyanti Academy Secretary and Managemen Graduation Its Graduates


    BANDUNG-A total of 168 graduates of the Ariyanti Academy Secretary and Management attends the procession of XVII ASM Ariyanti graduation in 2016 on academic senate open sesion, which is done today, Saturday (22/10) at the Harris Hotel Conventions Festival Citylink.

    168 graduates, respectively, 9 of the Executive Secretary, 11 of the Secretary of Public Relations, 25 of the Accounting Administrative Management, 27 of Office Administrasi Management, 29 of Hospitality Administration Management, 3 of Information Administrative Management and 24 people of Banking Administration Management.

    In XVII ASM Ariyanti graduation in 2016  with the theme "Self-Actualization and Competence makes graduates who have integrated, creative and innovative ", also implement the signing of cooperation agreement between ASM Ariyanti with some businesses, industry and profession associations.

    Chairman of Ariyanti Education Foundation, Dr, C.A. Ariyanti, PS., HM said, There is one load that is the responsibility that will be intellectual betting for graduates while in the community

    "In the eyes of community, these graduates have more value that not only assessed in terms of science and expertise but focuses on morality and prevailing values that are compliance in society, "she said

    According Ariyanti, the knowledge gained will be tested where the success or failure determined by self-actualization, invested by the graduates.

    "Theoretical intelligence can not guarantee a successful to reach the ideals but also needed emotional intelligence and spiritual intelligence in live. (Parno)

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