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    The Young Creators on IT Sector


    BANDUNG-Students of Telkom University showed applications that designed   on Friday (21/10) in the Convention Hall of Telkom University. Each applications created by students of Telkom which are average at 5th semester has won the brilliant achievements in various race arena.

    Abdul Aziz, for example, the 5th semester students of Telkom University makes android-based application that he calls Sampah Guna in order to trash pickup service to the public. Later the rubbish will be a very powerful thing and has more value. Waste transported by bank trash, it can be an organic waste and non-organic. With This application, he has won first national champion Telkom University 2016.

    Another with Amrizal Nurahman Said. 5th semester students which majoring in Information Systems makes Creater.co established since 2014 in the field of services of making clothes or convection services with integrated system between consumers and producers. With such a system, he says, "could slash their brokers, so that consumers do not feel cheated by the price of the convection that is too expensive. "This application aims as bridge between producers and consumers directly. Creator.co ever won second champion in a competition held at Telkom Unversity also been exhibited at Bojonegoro Festival in 2015. Creator.co also been successful completion of the 2000 T-shirt with orders from the region Bojonegoro less than a month.

    Ghuni Fatarozak does not want to lose. 3rd semester Information Systems student of Telkom University along with his friend make market place concept application for car rental. Applications that have made easier for people particularly migration from outside the city to hire a car. He is collecting rental places that are around Bandung to join with the application, "so when there are people who want to rent a car, they just select a car, with prices already listed there. " After selecting, customers will receive a ticket to exchange for a car at the rental place. Because of this idea, he won two national champion Cyber Security in 2016. According to the plan in November, Ghuni's application is already perched on the Apps Store and Play Store

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