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    Social Stalls (Warung Sosial) Buffet in Karawang


    Karawang-A new innovation for the movement of humanitarian care has performed by Karawang Peduli initiated by young men and women of all walks of life, a movement that shows care about others is packed as well as trading businesses food stalls make Rames Rice (Mix Rice) with vegetable side dishes complete with nutritious fruits menu, but this dish is free. This stall held on Friday (21/10) at GOR Panatayudha Karawang.

    Founder of this event among others Mrs. Koni renowned Culinary Entrepreneur owner in Karawang and Mr. Rafiudin Firfaus activists as well as the Chairman of HIPMI Karawang district along with dozens of other entrepreneur.

    Regent of Karawang Cellica Nurrachadiana gives her appreciation with present at this stall.

    This activity actually has been held a long time and usually Karawang Peduli distributed around the rice box, but the concept was changed the silent Karawang Peduli open stall and call Dhuafa Orphan to eat somewhere, Orphans Dhuafa strays likes scavengers or musician on the streets calls to dine for free.

    Regent Karawang give appreciation and impression for this Warung Sosial. According to Regent "First of all we would like to thank donors remain concerned incorporated in Karawang Peduli, thanks also to the Karawang Peduli volunteers especially Bunda and Mr. Rafi, who have done good action so that it becomes a model for all parties to provide free meals for others especially Dhuafa Orphans or Orphans Strays.

    This activity is also convinced will be very useful for them, because with the satisfied meal, smile had also seen and it has also become reward for donors and will be a provision in Yaumul Akhir later.

    Karawang regency itself has the orphans benefit projected through Social Service Department shared in some of the existing foundation, "he said.

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