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    Len Targeted Malaysia To Signalling Export


    BANDUNG-PT LEN will export the signaling to Malaysia. Among others, to Control Console (VDU / LCP), LED signal lights, Main Distribution Panel, and etc.

    "In addition to export opportunities to Bangladesh, the business outlook also came from Malaysia that will undertake the rehabilitation of railway signaling, "Agung Nugroho, Director of LRS in the MoU in Bandung, Thursday night (20/10).

    In Malaysia, LRS will cooperate with Emrail, one of the Malaysia company which has a work contract with KT MB (railways operator company in Malaysia) for the job of signaling pathways Musang-Tumpat Caves along 290 kilometers passing through 30 stations.

    LRS will rehabilitate the existing systems damaged by floods with a single track system that is technologically simpler than double track system which has been done by the company.

    Len achieves quite good company's performance in 2015 with posted revenue of 2.24 trillion rupiah, 33.5 percent of which came from railway transport business.

    The revenues exceeded the prior year revenues of 2.1 trillion rupiah and targets revenues of 2.39 trillion rupiah in 2016.

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