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    BP3AKB Suggest Safe House Construction


    BANDUNG - The West Java Women Empowerment Child Protection and Family Planning Agency (BP3AKB) propose the Safe House in Mapolrestabes Bandung environment for children that are being handled by the Police Bandung due to against the law.

    "A few times that the Polrestabes Bandung dealing with children in conflict against the law, but there is still no adequate room. We wish there was a representative room or safe homes for children who are dealing with legal issues,” said Head of BP3AKB West Java Province, Dr. Hj. Nenny Kencanawati, MSi during a meeting with Commission V of the West Java Provincial Parliament at the Parliament Building West Java Province, Monday (16/11).

    Therefore, she said that the indirect costs (BTL) of BP3AKB West Java Provincial Fiscal Year 2016, she proposed a budget for the construction of safe houses in Mapolrestabes Bandung environment. If the budget is not fulfilled, then the alternative to add the rooms of buildings in Mapolrestabes Bandung.

    Proposed construction of safe houses or additions adequate room in Mapolrestabes Bandung, is part of West Java Provincial Government efforts through BP3AKB, in providing protection to children who are dealing with legal issues.

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