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    West Java Becomes Prevention of Corruption Pilot Project


    BANDUNG-West Java Provincial Government policy regarding the provision Repairs Allowance Income (TPP) for the State Civil Apparatus (ASN) in the West Java provincial government which have been issued since 2013 and then reap positive results. The Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) appreciates The step because in addition to well-being can also eliminate the occurrence of corrupt practices.

    The policy will be used as a pilot project by the Commission and will be the pilot other local governments in Indonesia.

    It was said by Deputy Internal Supervision and Society Complaints of Corruption Eradication Commission, Ranumihardja, when an audience with the Governor of West Java Ahmad Heryawan (Aher) along with the regional organization (OPD) in Sanggabuana Meeting Room Gedung Sate Bandung, Friday (21.10.16).

    "TPP will be a pilot project for the Commission because in West Java could be a motor for the eradication of corruption nationwide, "he said.

    Ranumihardja said, acts of corruption is common in local government environment in the past time. The influenced factor because relatively small employees salaries.

    "In the past, monthly salary of civil servants is only enough for one week, other three week they have to look for, if the faith is not strong, there will be a distorted action like corruption but it is only some people, " he said.

    Now, he continued, the wages of the ASN is very inadequate coupled with TPP which has been running well in West Java province.

    "Hopefully in the future it will be more prosperous again, It better official moneys than unauthorized money, "he said.

    Aher stated, in the near future the provincial government will sign an agreement cooperation with the Commission relating to a number of policies that will be used by the Commission and be a model for other provinces.

    "In the near future we'll have a MoU with the Commission to make a number of public services in West Java become a model for other provincial services including TPP and also to prevent corruption, "said Aher.

    In the same place, the Regional Secretary of West Java Iwa Karniwa added the arrival of KPK deputy to the provincial government in addtion to make policy of TPP West Java provincial government as a national pilot project as well as an advocation to provincial government officials so they could look at modes of unscrupulous KPK who have goals and personal interests. "Be it in the form of extortion or other indicators that could be detrimental to the government apparatus, "he said.

    According to him, the Commission ensures that the provincial government officials dare to report these people. Iwa claimed reinforcement is important because during this performance of provincial government officials often disturbed by the rogue elements. "There is squeezing or asking for a project, so reported it, "he said.

    Iwa admitted to get information there are echelon III and IV who have been visited and dealing with rogue elements of bogus KPK. however because it can be resolved at lower levels, official reports related to this no one has entered. "After echelon II granted an understanding, later these officials will explain to the officers under him, "he said.

    On the occasion, West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan, according Iwa also denounce a land dispute case and the building of the Department of Animal Husbandry allegedly ridden by law mafia. Deputy Commission itself requested that West Java provincial government continue to add evidence to support their allegations. "KPK asked the the evidence support for further action," he said.

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