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    Debora: God's Plan is The Best


    BANDUNG-Debora originally was a regular student. Her daily routine is going to college, studying, then going home. However, the accident could make almost gave up on life. Accident in 2014 was a moment so severe for athletes who have won gold in shot put and disk throwing. Her right leg had to be amputated makes her daily routine becomes obstructed. In fact, he had felt slumped in the days after she amputated.

    "When last year I feel so stressed, because operations in nearly 2015. It was so heavy, "said Debora," Then, my friends come and try encouraged. At that point, I started back to school. "Having started get the motivation back, Debora began looking for an organization to disability. At that time, he joined the craftsmen prosthetic limbs organization. Unexpectedly, from the organization, Debora began to be introduced with sport.

    "I was introduced to the coach from there. Shortly after the chat, I was invited to exercise, at that time in the throwing events, "told the athlete of West Java. Upon entering the college, Debora was called for regional centralization training (Pelatda) of West Java. It is also forced her to leave college because she wanted to focus on the preparation of the National Paralympic Week XV (Peparnas) 2016 West Java.

    Debora's choice was not in vain. Get together with other disabilities collegues that makes Debora did not feel alone. She felt similar with them all. "So I do not feel alone. I saw that there is still much worse than me. There is no discrimination between us. No more shame or awkward. Already as an usual we are all others with disabilities, "said Deborah.

    Debora told that in order to achieve Peparnas XV they had prepared for five months. She did the program for the morning and afternoon. Does not matter whether rain and dry hit her. "For Jabar kahiji," said the woman who stay in Pasir Koja, Bandung.

    When the period of preparation that Debora felt that she was no longer alone. She get encouragement and enthusiasm so great. "By attending together, it adds to our spirit. I no longer feel down and do not feel alone. We are together along with other athletes. I used to live alone. The day was such a long time. While in the past five months, we so enjoy this life, " said Debora.

    Initially, Debora had felt trepidation when she heard her opponent in Peparnas. According to Debora, not a few opponents later a national training athletes whose limit already on her. "However, input from coaches and senior was so bracing and asked us to remain calm. We keep the spirit while practicing morning and afternoon. Rain and heat we keep the beat, "said Debora.

    Debora also leaves messages for friends with disabilities to keep the spirit and did not hesitate to continue the life. "Stay calm because God definitely give the best. Not to think that God would provides a way for us, and His plan is so beautiful, "said Debora.

    Of course, it is not without reason Debora said so, because she had feel the downturn. Once, before the accident happens to her, she more often stay at home. Even out of the house, it does now go to college. "I never thought I could be here, in the arena of the largest sports in Indonesia. I never thought I could set foot in this magnificent stadium, "recalls Debora.

    Of course, to achieve all of this, there must be sacrificed. power into the first due to the exercise needed extra power. She practiced every day with Sundays off. In addition, the time to meet parents will be reduced because she had to be committed to the profession which she lived today. "It's good, now my life has changed 180 level. I am grateful to God for everything, "added Debora.

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