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    The Top Ambassador of Peparnas Wants Local Government Support Paralimpian


    BANDUNG-Evan Lysandra, National Paralympic Week Top Ambassador (Peparnas) XV 2016, asked the local government in Indonesia to be more concerned about paralimpian.
    Local Goverments are pushed to copy West Java province / Peparnas XV Executive Board 2016 which judged already glorify paralimpian.

    According to her, after touring to a number of venues this morning. In fact, the number of athletes from all provinces are uneven. Not all provinces equitably transmit Paralympic, there is inequality of other contingent.

    "My criticism because not all local governments provide sufficient budget. It makes the province besides not all the branches join, also complicate paralimpian. Though it took a feat of coaching, coaching takes charge, "he said in daily news conference at the Media Center, Ibis Hotel, Jl Gatot Subroto, City of Bandung, Wednesday (19/10) afternoon.

    According to her, it implies discriminatory treatment to olimpian and paralimpian in Indonesia still felt. In fact, the needs and struggles both athletes it made no difference.

    Nevertheless, the Disabilities ambassador continued in the Autism House Bandung, both exercise are of equal weight. It could take months before the game. Similarly, when in the arena game is equally competitive and severity.

    "Therefore, as activists with disabilities, I would expect the attention of governments to the front better. Not another difference, especially since the reason the number of disabled less then a smaller budget than olimpian. Should similar course, " said Putri Indonesia 2016 from West Java.

    Evan also like to thank the media it deems able to make the public pay special attention to Peparnas. Paralimpian information judged to be important these days.

    "Hopefully Peparnas becomes early stage, especially for those Local Governments in Indonesia, to not only pay attention to paralimpian specifically, but also the disabilities in general in order to continue to receive equal treatment in the homeland, "she concluded.

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