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    Aher Wants People Change The Food Consumption Patterns


    Sukabumi Regency-On the commemoration of 36th World Food Day West Java Provincial Level, which was centered in GOR Pelabuhan Ratu Sukabumi Wednesday (19/10), West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan (Aher) launched a drinking milk movement, eat fish and quail eggs. This is an attempt to increase the level of community consumption of food groups apart rice and change the paradigm of food security from carbohydrates into food security based on animal protein, so it will be strengthen food sovereignty in West Java.

    "We will continue to encourage the community to establish a balance consume, so far when we are having food, in the public's mind is rice, it needs to be changed and improved by us, "said Aher.

    He said, based on data from the West Java Regional Food Security Agency (BKPD), the index of expectations Dietary Pattern (PPH) West Java community in 2015 has reached 81 points, an increase of 1.7 point from the condition in 2014. However, despite the increase, the index 100 points PPH has not been achieved because the level of consumption of food groups other than rice still low. Such as animal food PPH its index by number 21.2 points (ideal 24 point), vegetables and fruits 21.9 points (ideal 30 points). In fact, West Java is the largest producer of animal protein in Indonesia, as well as carbohydrate.

    "Perhaps our society is having wrong the pattern of consumption, the problem is not in the existing food. West Java food stocks are safe because in the context of our carbohydrate, we are the largest producer in Indonesia, in the context of animal protein as well in fact really safe for beef despite losing by another province but we are the largest producer in chicken, freshwater fish, "he explained.

    Additionally, Aher also wants communities to maintain food sources in addition to plants, fruits, vegetables and rice, which maintains ducks, chickens, sheep and cows. He described, when one family maintain 25 sheeps, then within a period of two years will have 70 sheeps because they are breeding three times in two years.

    "I think this is very nice so the cattle could be a business scale," he said.

    West Java was targeted to have 90 million sheeps, twice to comparison of population the number of 46 million inhabitants.

    "In New Zaeland, It has 5 million population but the number of cattle is 70 million, in West Java number of people are 46 million inhabitants and the number of cattle only 9 million, according to good managed, the number of cattle in the area exceeds the amount of citizens, "he said.

    In commemoration of 36th World Food Day for the first time held in outside of provincial capital, the movement of drinking milk, eating fish and quail eggs followed by 110 thousand people and break the record of Muri which the previous year's 100 thousand people. Comemoration this time with the theme
    "West Java United Building Sustainable Food Sovereignty Anticipating Era Of climate change".

    "To achieve food sovereignty in West Java, we have to be independent, united to realization. Clearly we have a sovereign and we will reinforce, "said Aher.

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