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    Aher States "Waspada 1" of Landslide Disaster in West Java


    BANDUNG-West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan (Aher) stated first alert to natural disasters, particularly landslides and floods, as the change of seasons in West Java.

    According to him, Waspada 1 level based on the incidence of landslides as the annual incidence in West Java. Because the soil conditions in West Java are in the category of fertile land that is commonly used as a farming community.

    "This fertile land was characterised by easy shifting of the land. Therefore, we urge the public to be wary to the danger of flooding and landslides. I declare it as Waspada 1 level," said Aher in Bandung last week.

    Latest landslide on 15 November 2015, when the connecting road between the District Sindangwangi with Leuwimunding subdistrict was occurred the landslides after rain over the last two days. Then the road collapsed.

    Land in West Java is commonly used as a general farming region vulnerable to landslides. Moreover, farmers clearing new land is not far around the area that has been used as farming land, so that acreage shifting ground.

    "For the farmers in the land of hills, when the landslide occurred, they then move on to a new area the rest of the landslide. They used to deal with it, because the fertile soil indeed moving. But in this level alert, the house beneath areas vulnerable to landslides, should immediately to move,” he said.

    He urged people to anticipate the occurrence of landslides, especially in the residence area. Society must immediately move out of the danger area, while local government officials should actively involved to move them to a safer area.

    According to Aher, if it possible the public can occupy the land and assets belonging to the Provincial Government of West Java. However, not in every city and county have those assets, so we need the cooperation with the city and county governments.

    "The most important thing that no human and housing around the dangerous or vulnerable area," said Aher.

    Meanwhile, based on disaster mapping by  West Java Disaster Mitigation Agency (BPBD) said there are five areas that are prone to landslides, Garut, Tasikmalaya, West Bandung, Cianjur and Sukabumi.

    Head of Preparedness and Prevention BPBD Hariadi said ground movement in the region tend to be active, especially land contours of hills and cliffs.

    BPBD monitors the region at any time, by looking at the direct or coordinate with BPBD in each district/city. Additionally, BPBD  West Java province has prepared a precaution, such as preparing evacuation routes and disaster response tools in each BPBD districts/cities in West Java.

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