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    Cikapundung River Will Be Re-Arranged


    BANDUNG-Cikapundung River which is a tributary of Citarum River, today already laid out through Cikapundung Terrace program. This year, touch of realignment will be made through "Cikapundung River Ecology Park" program, said the Head of Research and Development of Water Sources Ministry of Public Works, William M Putuhena, in a statement to reporters at his office, Ir. H. Juanda Street, Tuesday (18/10).

    William, explained the plan of Cikapundung River Ecology Park is an aspiration and ideas from community groups including the ITB alumni 1976 incorporated with Tunas Nusa Foundation.

    Establisment of Cikapundung River Ecology Park, from the rated of Research and Development of Water Sources is a good idea because it can control the sources of water, so the water quality can be maintained well and water sources can be sustainable.

    Meanwhile, at the Research and Development of Water Sources, there is now a rolled out program that is Citarum River program of quality control therein as tributary of Cikapundung River. With Considering this, the Research and Development of Water Sources provides full support of Cikapundung River Ecology Park program realization.

    The plan, on December 3, 2016 there will be held a competition by making Cikapundung River Ecology Park. The competition, open for community. This meant that the community also provide output to efforts in order to occur realignment of Cikapundung River. The race activities in corporated with BBWS Citarum and Bandung City Government.

    To support Cikapundung River Ecology Park, Research and Development Center of Water Resources prepare a variety of technology to make a park. The thing that need to be rated by the community, said William is how far the impact of making ecological park to improve water sources.

    Meanwhile, Yayasan Tunas Nusa Founder, Ramalis Sobandi in his statement to reporters separately said Cikapundung River Ecology Park design competition in Bandung will be centered in Cikapundung segments that is between Cikapundung Terrace to Ranca Bentang. Where two sub-segments are the tip segment of Cikapundung River.

    With these activities are expected to involve many parties, considering The race did not charge the participants so that the existence of
    Cikapundung River Ecology Park becoming citizens' dream garden.

    "Although the gifts are not too big, but the important thing is appreciation. Where people involved in the planning of the river in a better city, "said Ramalis.

    The parties involved in the competition namely Tunas Nusa Foundation, alumni of the Institute of Technology Bandung (ITB) class of 1976 and 1993, the University of Parahyangan (Unpar), Padjadjaran University (Unpad), Research and Development Center of Water Resources (Pusair), the City Government of Bandung, and the Central River Region (BBWS) Citarum.

    In addition to organize ecology park design competition , in the future, Ramalis said it will hold a gardening Cikapundung Terrace at 6 November 2016, which in these activities, the public will be directly invited to participate in tree planting.

    "The threat of us going forward is the issue of food security and water conservation. For that we continue to encourage diverse improvements activities that way, "continued Ramalis.

    Although Ecology Park design competition has the support from Research and Development Center of Water Resources, but these activities, he added sourced purely from among community. Neither of the community and academia.

    "The highlight of this event later on 3 December. Where besides harvesting mind (Ecological park work design) it is also harvesting crops in Cikapundung Terrace, "lid Ramalis. (NR)

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