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    West Java Provincial Government Takes Over Jampang Kulon Regional Public Hospital


    SUKABUMI REGENCY-West Java Provincial Government took over management of Jampang Kulon Regional Public Hospital (RSUD) Sukabumi Regency. Governor West Java Ahmad Heryawan (Aher) revealed that the over governance is done as a way to speed up the health service to community.

    "This is a development of a referral hospital in West Java province, previously Pameungpeuk Garut Hospital and Al-Ihsan Bandung Regency. It is expected to be a referred hospital when there are issues that can not be solved in hospitals, "said Aher after signing over governance from Regent Sukabumi Marwan Hamim at Inna Samudera Beach Hotel, Cisolok Km. 7 Palabuhanratu, Sukabumi, on Wednesday (19.10.16).

    Aher added, over governance also performed as part of southern of West Java region development, so the southern region could developed and well-maintained. Thus the southern region of West Java could be more advanced and forward as same as the northern region which has first do the arrangement.

    "So we expect this management transfer can improve health service faster to the public, it is also part of regional development of southern West Java, "said Aher.

    Meanwhile, Regent Marwan Hamim said that during this time of health service in Jampang Kulon hospitals to the community a little choked up, mainly related to providing medical doctor.

    "So hopefully it could also provide a positive impact to the Provincial Government of West Java. Especially in the South West Java program that will be able to welfare of the southern region, "said Marwan.

    Jampang Kulon Hospital personnel or officers as amount as 115 people of civil servants, 129 employees non-civil servants, 280 people of contract employees as well as total assets to $ 67.7 billion.

    "Gradually we prepare medical personnel in addition to the existing ones. And all medical personnel are now in Jampang Kulon moving to province, "said Aher.

    "We will also encourage other areas such as the District of Pangandaran and Tasikmalaya to make hospitals as well, "he concluded.

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