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    Governor Did Indigofera First Harvest in Cianjur


    CIANJUR-Located in Pasir Kuda Garden, Sirnagalih Village, Subdistrict Sindangbarang Cianjur, Tuesday afternoon (18/10), West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan did the first harvest of Indigofera plants, a plant leaf shrubs from Papua for animal feed. The first harvest is done cooperation between the provincial government of West Java, Bogor Institute of Agriculture (IPB) and a Foundation.

    "We are truly developing Indigofera, such as last week we do first planting in Indramayu, and now we are currently doing the first harvest in Cianjur "said Aher, Ahmad Heryawan's nickname.

    According to him, indigofera can solve the constraints expensive fodder which has been faced by the farmers so farms in West Java are less than optimal.

    "With Indigofera, the obstacles can be overcome which is the problem of the high cost of livestock fodder. With Indigofera, feed costs can be slashed by up to 50 percent "he explained.

    With the reduction of production costs of livestock fodder, it is expected that farm in West Java could be more passionate, so it does not rule out the possibility of West Java will be self-sufficient in livestock and producing animal protein.

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