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    Arhanudse 14 Soldiers Run 5K along with the Commander


    CIREBON-Tuesday morning at 05.30 be a little different in the Yonarhanudse 14 field, the difference is that Arhanudse 14 forces ussualy conducting regular physical training led by Battalion Commander in the morning and directly led by Commander III Siliwangi Major General Herindra.

    The run begins with gymnastics heating and continue with 5km run.

    Commander III / Siliwangi Major General Muhammad Herindra led sport with soldiers and civil servants throughout Cirebon region in Yonarhanudse 14 Headquarters, Cirebon.

    "While this is indeed our country is not prosecuting the war with the enemy anywhere, but it does not mean we as an Army personnel did not keep our physical fitness and freshness. At the first time become a Voluntary TNI soldiers, all of you have noticed that as the Army you must warlord, marksman, martial arts champion, has a prime physical and to become a hero defenders of the homeland that today we paid by the State and the People "as the direction of the military commander to Arhanudse 14 soldiers after execution of a run.

    "To be a soldier with that criteria, we should not stop to practice, love our work and profession as Army personnel, when we love it then nothing heavy "he said.

    On the occasion of the visit, military commander also takes a look the condition of the Arhanudse 14 unit. The review begins with the condition of the soldiers official residence as well as greet the soldier's wife and order to always take care of official residence.

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