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    West Java Provincial Government Liberates Second BBN & Tax Penalties


    BANDUNG-Starting today, Monday, October 17, 2016 the owner of the motor vehicle in West Java will be exempted from paying the second transfer duties (BBN) and tax penalties. The assurance was conveyed by the Governor of West Java Ahmad Heryawan (Aher) at Gedung Sate, Diponegoro street No. 22, Bandung, Monday afternoon (10.17.16).

    This will apply until December 24, 2016. Aher explained that the liberation of the second transfer duties (BBN) and the tax penalties is a part of Breakthrough Department of Revenue (Dispenda) of West Java province to increase local revenue (PAD), where the motor vehicle tax sector (PKB) and the transfer duties (BBNKB) becomes PAD's largest contributor sector of West Java Province.

    "We will continue to pursue mandatory-taxpayers in various ways - it still remains (taxpayers do not pay taxes). Well, the rest of this we want to breakthrough and through this breakthrough they can pay taxes with comfortable, "said Aher in the presence of media crews.

    "So the second BBN means if the first BBNKB indirectly from the dealer, when off road becomes on road so it should pay (pay taxes) and we did not dare to liberat it. Well, the second is when a mutation or transfer duties,
    for example, someone who bought a vehicle but not a new vehicle, "he continued.

    In addition, Aher said the second BBNKB and so will applies to owners of motor vehicles from other provinces who wanted to move or reside in West Java. So for them it will not cost-free transfer duties.

    "Secondly, we liberate tax penalties. Say there are our society who have not paid taxes for two years, or delayed a few months, or late three years and beyond. Anyway for him, only pay the principal tax, the fine should not be paid at all, "said Aher.

    Through this breakthrough, is expected to further increase revenues of West Java from PKB and BBNKB sector, as well as one way to awaken people to pay his tax obligations.

    The number of vehicles in West Java by September 2016 reached 15,750,624 units. And 13,447,117 units or 85.38% of which is two-wheeled vehicles or motorcycles. While until December 2015 there are about 27% of motor vehicles which do not re-register or yet drove his tax liability.

    "Well, this is our goal. We will do West Java Tax Amnesty. And we are targeting with this breakthrough our PAD increases up to Rp 390 billion, "said Aher.

    Previously, West Java Department of Revenue had already made several breakthroughs or innovation such as making 34 places SAMSAT Roving, SAMSAT Gendong, Samsat in various malls in West Java, Drive Thru, until Electronic e-Samsat Samsat in cooperation with the BJB, BNI, BRI and BCA Bank. Through this e-Samsat taxpayers who are outside of West Java and even abroad are still able to conduct taxes transactions.

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