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    Aher: Coffee are Culture and Good Health


    Bandung District-Drinking coffee may now become a trend or lifestyle in society. Not recognize young or old, a cup of coffee not only in the morning became a thing awaited and must be enjoyed. However, how the coffee is good for health and culture in community

    On the occasion of this workshop, Governor Ahmad Heryawan also share tips.
    The man who is familiarly called Aher admits he can drink coffee until 5(Five) cups a day without the worry of heart pounding and keep relax when he drink.

    In terms of health, Aher explained that coffee can provide benefits health for our bodies. Coffee can make the skin more healthy and clean, prevent prostate cancer, preventing disease in infants, and can make heart healthy for the drinker.

    "Coffee is the original when it is drunk without sugar at all. Coffee is healthy, although there is the sweetness would use honey instead of sugar. So the quality of the way we drink coffee should be increased, "he said.

    For Aher, coffee currently has a high selling price. However, he says Coffee sales value would be increased if we judge the coffee as a paradigm of culture and life, not merely economic value.

    "Coffee is not just for food, but also as a culture that we can be enjoyed well. Because the food products from farmers is product with the price of life not at an economic price. So, let us  appreciate coffee as culture so it can be appreciated adequately, "he said.

    "I support creative efforts (by utilizing the coffee), such as culinary, craft (appliance coffee) design (packaging of coffee), and others. And I support it if the coffee is ground not cut, "he concluded.

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